The Importance of Daily Vitamin D3 Intake

Vitamin D

The simplest way to obtain sufficient vitamin D is through sun exposure. Twenty minutes a day in the sun exposing your face chest and arms with natural protection is by far the simplest way to achieve this. However as we all know many people especially if chronically sick and living in the Northern Hemisphere this task, simple as it may sound is not quite as simple as that. Supplementation is therefore the answer by way of vitamin D3 intake.

How much vitamin D3 do we need per day?

itamin D3 acts as an immune modulator. In other words it acts as the element within our cellular structure to regulate the activity of our cellular response to unwanted pathogens. According to Dr Mercola it also protects against neuro damage and certainly the report carried out by Elle Magazine concluded that the Brits on average only have a natural daily intake of 120 IU’s way below the recommended required. Depending upon the source minimum recommended ranges vary from 800 IU’s up to a whopping 10 000 IU’s. Of course anyone wishing to supplement at the higher levels of this range should seek medical advice. Daily intake levels are certainly becoming more recognised as being necessary albeit at the lower end of this scale. The official minimum recommended varies from country to country but has slowly been increasing over the years.

Vitamin D3 and L-arginine Plus

Without doubt however the amount included within just one serving of L-arginine Plus meet optimum levels. Vitamin D3 is one of the many benefits of L-arginine Plus and is an important factor not to be overlooked. L-arginine plus is now available to purchase in the UK found here.

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